5 Things To Consider Before Hiring a Web Agency

Are you ready for a new website?

Here’s our list of the top 5 things to consider before hiring an agency to build your website:

1. Target Audience

Who is your target audience, and why did THEY visit your website? You may offer the latest in next-generation state-of-the-art gaskets, but your site visitors only care about fixing their leaky faucets. Instead of showing a full-width close-up image of your beautifully manufactured gasket, show an image or video of a smiling person easily fixing their sink!

2. Branding

Is your company branding ready? Do you need your web agency to help you with this? When most people think of branding, they think about a company logo and color scheme. While those things are of major importance to how potential customers view your business, there is more to branding than meets the eye. Your organization or company branding should encompass the attitude of your company. Your mission, company culture, and attitude are all important parts of your overall brand. Branding is what distinguishes your business from the competition, and what gives meaning and positive association to your company in the eyes of your current and potential customers.

3. Technical Requirements & Ongoing Maintenance

You are busy running your business and may not be up on the latest web hosting technologies or the basic tasks required to keep a website up and running smoothly and securely. Prices, services, and most importantly quality, vary wildly. Do you need a full-service agency to take care of your web hosting and website maintenance needs? Do you have people on staff who are trained to take care of your website once it is launched? It is important to plan for these things before launching your site. A slow website will cause people to leave your site early. A hacked website will decrease trust in your company. Web hosting and website maintenance are not the places to cut costs. Depending on the size of your website, technology used, and amount of traffic, there are many reasonably priced options, including SwiftSites.Studio, to keep your site running quickly and securely without breaking the bank.

4. Content & Navigation

Content is king, and is what will get people to your website and keep them coming back. Is it easy for visitors to find the information they seek? Did you convey your message during their short visit to your site? Whether you are selling products, services, or getting people to sign up for your newsletter, you need to provide information in a very short amount of time. Most viewers will spend less than 15 seconds on a web page. Is that enough time for them to get what they came for and take the action that you want them to take?

5. Marketing

How will you direct people to your website? Are you on social media? Do you have a mailing list? Do these services need to be integrated with your website? Links to your social media pages, share buttons for your articles, and newsletter signup forms are all things that can, and should, be integrated into your website. No matter how impressive your website looks, or how informative it is, it’s only useful if people actually visit! Sharing your content on social media and having people subscribe to your newsletter are important ways to spread the word about your business and bring people to your website.

Once you have taken the time to consider these issues, you’re ready to start building your website! If you need some help with any or all of these things, contact us or book a day to have us build your website!

Lori Berkowitz

Lori Berkowitz is the co-owner and lead web developer of SwiftSites.Studio and our parent company, BeeDragon LLC.

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